We Welcome Two New Characters To Our Awesome Line Up Of Hospitality Superstars 

Nearly a year on from our launch we are absolutely buzzing to have two new characters in the line up. 

We wanted to ensure that the whole sector is represented and so we have launched two new characters… welcome to our QSR character who is armed and ready with a takeaway bag and our Pub character proudly holding a pint in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.   

So far our campaign has been an incredible success, with over 50% of under 30’s reach via the campaign and a huge 46% recalling the campaign after seeing it. Perception has also changed from 1 in 5 (2021) to 1 in 3 (2023) in terms of people considering working in the hospitality sector.   

Our two new characters have slotted in perfectly and have already been warmly received by both the industry and our GenZ target audience. Watch this space to see if anymore are on the horizon.