On behalf of Mark McCulloch and the entire Hospitality Rising Team, thank you for choosing to support Hospitality Rising and joining the movement to change perceptions about working in hospitality.

We will send you an invoice within 10 working days (it will be from UKHospitality on behalf of Hospitality Rising as they are the guardians of all of the banking and money) to be paid within 14 working days. Hospitality Rising will have full access to the funds given via UKHospitality.


If you have 1 to 5000 employees, the total investment from your company needs to be £10 plus 20% VAT per employee (of any nature). If you have over 5000 employees, we will be in touch to discuss the pricing structure after 5000 employees. The investment will help fund the ad campaign for 12 months and is non-refundable.

In addition to this, by signing and returning this form, you are giving us the permission, using quotes, and photography, to promote the fact that you are behind this campaign to create momentum and generate more supporters.

By completing the form below and joining the Hospitality Rising movement, you are also making a commitment to being a good place to work. The five pillars of this declaration are noted below: