Hospitality is never boring and it offers faster career progression opportunities than almost any other industry. These assertions are the twin pillars of our strategy and led us to the Rise Fast, Work Young campaign that is now alive and kicking. For maximum effectiveness and ROI, the focus of this campaign is on grabbing the attention of the under 30s, particularly those in entry level jobs, as they are the most likely to be receptive to our message.

Our cast of characters and their snappy, playful taglines represent the confident, charismatic and talented teams who really make hospitality tick. They are our cover stars, our campaign heroes.


We have a huge focus on TikTok, as this is where our target audience is, and we are delighted with the early results on this. The campaign has been activated in high profile ad locations around the country, including a terrific spot at Wembley for the duration of a packed out Taylor Swift concert. Rise Fast, Work Young has been covered in national newspapers, on national news and we even got a wonderful shout out from our friends and investors Angela Hartnett and Nathan Outlaw on BBC One’s Saturday Kitchen. But you can help us do more… much more!

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