400 000 Vacancies & Rising

Hospitality recruitment is in crisis, there is no other way to put it.

The Hospitality Rising mission began when founder Mark McCulloch saw the figure of 260 000 hospitality vacancies and heard the frustrations of venue operators up and down the land. Just a few months later, the figure is now a quite astonishing 400 000.

Figures from KAM Media, who are supporting the Hospitality Rising effort, show that only 1 in 5 people would consider a hospitality job and 42% of current employees are thinking about leaving the sector. Sadly, for this industry that we love, 400 000 vacancies will inevitably mean not just restrict opening hours, but closures.

There are many reasons for this and while we cannot resolve all of them ourselves, we want to both celebrate those who are raising the standard of employee experience and encourage more people into this wonderful industry that can bring such joy to so many.

Should we raise the required finds to make it happen, we will deliver a truly world class campaign that will inspire a new generation to explore opportunities in the hospitality sector. By pulling resources to create a compelling campaign that champions ‘The Industry’ as opposed to individual operators going it alone, we hope to prove that a rising tide does indeed lift all boats.

We have convened a crack team of some the finest marketing minds around to work on game-changing creative that will shout from the rooftops about what a great industry hospitality is and aim to double the amount of people who would consider working in it.

Let’s do it, let’s make it happen, let’s rise together.